Sets Xdeep Nx Zen Monowing Jacket Deluxe Line

Bcd wings Sets Xdeep Nx Zen Monowing Jacket Deluxe Line. The xDEEP NX ZEN is a revolutionary, extremely lightweight wing set weighing in at less than 2.5 kilograms. The NX ZEN from xDEEP combines all the positive properties of professional diving equipment: a wing that provides perfect trim in the water and a back plate built made of aluminum for reduced weight. Designed according to aviation findings (aerospace principle), the thought behind the xDEEP NX ZEN is to provide a true travel wing with single tank usage in mind. This wing system weighs in at just 2.2 kg and is easily packed- a full-fledged wing in travel size! Padding is included on the backplate at the shoulders and lower back for extra comfort. The xDEEP NX ZEN comes in two sizes; small for users under 175 cm and large for those taller than 175 cm.Other excellent features of the xDEEP NX ZEN: The inflator is positioned centrally resulting in easier and more controlled deflation. The overall lightweight design has allowed t
Nx Zen Monowing Jacket Deluxe Line, LG
Bcd wings, Sets,, NX-ZEN-A-DEL-LG, unisex, adult Xdeep

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