Accessories Dive-rite Assembling Screw

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Bcd wings Accessories Dive-rite Assembling Screw. The stainless steel assembly screws are used for attaching various accessories to a TransPac harness or to a hard backplate (such as lift bag pouches, suit inflation mounting systems and sidemount buttplates).Another common use is to secure the wing to the TransPac harness or hard backplate when rigged for a single tank--When the BCD is taken off a single tank (perhaps to swap tanks between dives), the cam straps alone are not enough to keep the wing neatly attached to the harness.Designed to fit through a 3/8 hole, the Stainless Steel Assembly Screws include O-rings that create friction to help keep the screw in place.Sold as a set of two.
Assembling Screw, DR-HW1069P, 2pcs
Bcd wings - Accessories Dive-rite

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