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Underwater vehicles Scooters (dpv) Seadoo Aquaranger. Turn heads with the latest SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER AQUA RANGER, tweaked speed and performance that will get you propelling through the water in style whilst scuba or snorkeling. The SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER AQUA RANGER is the entry level seascooter that youll be taking into the water at any occasion. Its increased depth rating up to 30ft / 10m makes it your ideal snorkelling buddy and will get you chasing fish at a cruising speed of up to 2.5mph / 4km/h. - With safety features including auto shut-off, dual-trigger control, caged propeller casing and positive buoyancy.- Extremely compact design.- Weight just 11.5 lbs / 5.2kg including battery.- Safety features including safety grille, positive buoyancy, auto shut-off, and dual trigger operation.- Rated to 30ft / 10m.- Run up to 1 hour with normal use.- Fully waterproof construction.- Max Speed: 4 km / hNOT FOR ADULTS- Compatible Battery: 856-SD5542BGo-Pro Support IncludedSAFE USE INSTRUCTION
Aquaranger - 856-SD95001, 5.2 Kg, 10 m
Underwater vehicles - Scooters (dpv) Seadoo

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