Special video Mangrove Video Light Head Avs L6mx

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Lights Special video Mangrove Video Light Head Avs L6mx. Mangroves new line of professional Video and Dive LED lights is an industry breakthrough. This underwater wide beam video light is designed with an external battery canister connected to the lighting head. The light weight construction and penetrating beam give excellent colour and light uniformity ensuring a superior performance for video use underwater.The AVS-L6MX modular light head specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with one Solid-State LED module emitting a staggering 6750 lumen. Featuring two output levels, the 50W light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. Sun-similar light in 16:9 illuminating with approx. 100° reflected beam angle and approx. 200 W (halogen). Key BenefitsHigh Brightness 6750 lumensExternal Battery canister and umbilical Lighting HeadSuperior water penetration and colour contrastExcellent Colour Rend
Video Light Head Avs L6mx - AVS-L6MX,
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