Wings Xdeep Hydros Buoyancy Compensator 18 Kg/40 Lbs

Bcd wings Wings Xdeep Hydros Buoyancy Compensator 18 Kg/40 Lbs. HYDROS 40Perfect for 2x7 doubles HYDROS 40 model is definitely more narrow than various 40 lbs wings from other manufacturers. The Small width makes it ideal for 2x7 twinset where other wider wings fail to perform well. Thanks to smaller width, the side parts of the wing do not stick out above the cylinder so the inflator works considerably better. HYDROS 40 model is also good for 2x12 twinset for ambitious recreational dives.Better trim and greater stability HYDROS 40 model was built in such a way that its centre of buoyancy is placed on exactly the same level as the gravity centre of gas in the cylinder. Thanks to this, the trim does not change during the entire dive and remains the same with full and empty cylinders. The geometry of HYDROS model, especially its contour, provides properly significant righting moment, which makes it a lot easier to reach the correct horizontal position.Easy access to valves To make ac
Hydros Buoyancy Compensator 18 Kg/40 Lbs,
Bcd wings, Wings,, XDH-W-040-00, unisex, adult Xdeep

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